recycled windows #gardening

Recycled windows in the garden – to keep the critters out.  On their sides or standing upright, we have simplified our herb gardening by creating these window beds for several of our herbs..   Use 2 windows side by side to create a longer box… that’s what we did with our cilantro and it has become its own self-sustaining system.  We replenish the soil and weed on occasion but overall Mother Nature does all the work.

Our main oregano plant is more than 6 years old.  We actually dug it out of the yard when we moved here and brought it with us.  It is so strong and hardy that it survived the transplant and continues to produce the healthiest, thickest stems of oregano I have ever seen.   We toss a handful of seeds into the oregano bed each season and have also added a few seedlings purchased at our favorite local nursery (Lovell’s) for different varieties. Our oregano blend is wonderful.

These widow beds have worked well for our sage, parsley, rosemary, lemon balm, and last year we decided to try it with a strawberry patch.

Where to find recycled windows: Try looking at local salvage yards, thrift stores, flea markets and home repair contractors. We visit our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore often.  Ask around, you might be surprised what your friends are looking to get rid of from their shed, barn or basement.  “One man’s trash….”


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