turn up the dark for #earthhour

We are insignificant.  All of us.  We are but a blip on the Earth’s radar.  Really.   Our home is not ours.  The Earth existed long before our species.  But since we’ve been here, we have depleted the planet.  We are not owners here, we do not rule or manage what happens with the planet, or do we?

We can take care of this place we call home.  We can appreciate it.  Replenish it.  Stop robbing from it.

During this Earth Hour, change the conversation from ourselves and our lives to the affect we have on the environment.  How we can do better for the planet.  How do you want to leave the planet to future generations.  How we can ensure there are livable conditions for future generations.  Earth Hour helps to change the conversation, it helps to raise awareness.  Find out about Earth Hour at EarthHour.org 

A reminder:  Earth Day is Saturday, April 22.  Find out more here and Arbor Day is Friday, April 28.  Find out more here.

“The only clear thing is that we humans are the only species with the power to destroy the earth as we know it. The birds have no such power, nor do the insects, nor does any mammal. Yet if we have the capacity to destroy the earth, so, too, do we have the capacity to protect it.”  Dalai Lama


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