get dirty – it’s good for you

My husband jokes with me about how working in the garden (getting dirty) helps keep him healthy.  I learned about grounding as part of my spiritual practice.  Turns out, it’s all good.

Scientists theorize that one way to help you stay healthy is to get a daily recharge, that is, to UN-plug.

Think of all the pollution our bodies might accumulate on a daily basis.  The electronic “noise” we take in from appliances, phones, TV, computers not to mention pollution in the air and some of the not-so-healthy things we might consume.

What if I told you that coming in contact with the earth on a daily basis could help?  Mind you, I did not say “cure”.  Do your own research, educate yourself and weigh the information.  In my opinion, moderation is key for anything and nearly everything.

In this instance, it is a win-win with little to no effort.  Try it for yourself and see.  On a daily basis for 2 weeks, take a long walk – in your bare feet.  Connect with the earth, soak up some sun (or moon), clear your mind and at the same time, help to get rid of some of that accumulated pollution inside you (metaphorically and literally).  Ground.  Center.  Pick a spot by a tree and meditate – or not.  Enjoy the out of doors.  Enjoy being unplugged.   Essential MUST:  Bare feet.

There is science behind all this.  It’s a complex system about antioxidants and free radicals on a molecular level and unpaired electrons but I am not going to go into that here.  I have done the research.  You should, too  – start here.


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