garden images

This has been the busiest season… I step out my front door and every day there is something to do.  Prune, plant, transplant, pick, harvest… dry, tincture, infuse… the list is never ending and it continues to bring me such a sense of joy, pleasure and peace.  Mother Nature does most of the work, I just steward in conjunction with her.  I wish everyone could experience the beauty, grace and magic of gardening.  It’s so simple – every one should do it!  Here are some latest images from the gardens…

blooming lavender, ducks enjoy their new pool, a gourd growing in with the tomatoes, growing tomatoes and basil together, happy green beans, sister sunflowers, huge banana peppers, our basil in the front garden are nearly the size of small trees! (shhh… soon to be pesto and canned in tomato sauce) … happy gardening!


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