• Susun Weed is probably my most favorite site and one of my favorite teachers.   Her writings, recipes, videos, voice files have been teaching me so much!  I refer to her site at least daily and some of her pages transport me to other sites, too.   I spend literally hours online deep within her site… page after page.
  • Calm.com personally, I do not like meditating online and I don’t use anything electronic when I do meditate (about 2-3 times a day).  I do return to this site often while I’m working.  It is (and does) exactly what it promotes and helps me remain focused and calm.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs on YouTube – Susun Weed has videos here, too.  These remarkable people help to bring the outdoors in to you and then teach you what to do with them.

Please send me a note or contact me via twitter at @apothicathy with your favorite.   I would love visit it and share it too.