The first wave of mulberries this season was essentially rained out but there are new buds forming already.  However, we did score 5 lbs of raspberries today!



peep love

It is a veritable nursery around here and we are loving it.  We have 8 ducklings (by the way, they are swimming already – 6 days old!), 4 chicklets and now a new peep.  Hello, precious! ♥♥♥062418

mamma and babies

“Captain” has been sitting diligently, quietly and tirelessly on 9 eggs.  Today we have ducklings.  Happy birth day babies!  I count 7 so far, wanting not to disturb her too much.  Daddy “Peter” is outside the duck house pacing like an expectant dad.

Duckling love.


Beltane Kiss


no copyright infringement intended – I saw this and was breathless for about 2 seconds. Simply stunning. I don’t who the artist is but I would like to purchase a print.

Blessed Beltane!  Hope you’re as inspired by this as I am!