Since January, I’m rendered speechless on an almost daily basis.  Some days, jaw-dropping speechless.  Other days, smack-my-head speechless.  And even those days while just reading the headlines I get a headache.  I’m emotionally frazzled, in mental anguish and scared. Every. Day.  I’m probably just like you. My feelings are probably not so far from what you’re feeling.  What we’re all feeling.  It’s palpable.

And though it might sound cliche, it is the love of my family, my hobbies, my work … and meditation that keeps me sane.  My family is my purpose – they are why I work.  They are my life.  My hobbies distract me and in them I cope.  Through meditation, I find a sense of calm and peace within.  The stillness achieved through meditation is not just a friendly place I can visit, it has become something much more significant.  I cannot imagine my life without it.

A goal need not be set at the beginning of the calendar year, a birthday or marked by any special day in particular.  I set this new goal for myself not to accomplish anything for anyone in particular – only myself.  My meditation musings, my journey – wherever it might take me.  An outward form of contemplation and/or reflection, if you will.  For as chaotic as my mind now is, there is a need for the stillness and quiet.  It’s a need now, you see.  Not just a want or a hope.  It is a need.

If you happen to read a post or two, please let me know you were here.  I am purely selfish in my intention in my meditation musings but if I can be an ear (or eyes) or even if I just connect on some level with someone, it would be nice to know.  I have a feeling that many of us are in the same place (in our minds and/or hearts).  In lak’ech.